From our world to yours

Both contemporary and captivating in its intricacy, Embrace seeks to bring the beauty of African Interiors to the modern home. Inspired by the continent’s rich history and innovative practice, our unique décor collection is perfect for instilling a sense of story into your space.

Muriel Sackey-Quaye

Embrace Founder

“Aligning Old & New Through Mindful Design ”

Born in Ghana, West Africa, Muriel grew up with a deep adoration for the vibrant culture that surrounded her. After moving to the United States to pursue her dream of becoming an interior designer, she founded her own residential interior design firm and incorporated global influences into her work–creating a signature look that achieves a desired balance of nuanced design and traditional, multi-cultural concepts.

Guided by her philosophy, Muriel launched Embrace, confident that African-inspired design could be accessible and enjoyed in today’s spaces. With an emphasis on craftsmanship, she partnered with local artisans across the gulf region to create timeless pieces that can be effortlessly adapted into any style of home. Muriel is currently working on expanding her vision of creating a furnishing line collection and remains inspired by humanity’s willingness to embrace one another’s unique backgrounds and experiences.

Craftsmanship & Art

Authentic dyes and ‘wax-resist’ craft techniques offer a unique batik effect that’s been passed down through generations. Our curated collection connects the creative traditions of the past with your contemporary home, offering color and design effects that modern manufacturing can’t quite match.

Our Tradition

When the Dutch colonized Indonesia, their merchants discovered batik fabrics and brought samples back to the Netherlands. When these unique textiles and designs were introduced in Central and west Africa in the 1880s, they quickly became fashionable, especially when used to make formal suits and gowns for the cosmopolitan elite.